Thursday, 31 August 2017

Flying Saucer Rock & Roll reissued as ebook

My second novel, Flying Saucer Rock & Roll, has been reissued as an ebook by Abandoned Books.

A bittersweet novel about friendship, being a teenager, and the redemption to be found in rock music.
Chris is learning guitar at school in an attempt to emulate his rock god hero, Joe Satriani, if only he can get the hang of ‘Streets of London’ first. But there’s another boy in his guitar class who’s miles ahead of everybody. His name is Ben.
It’s only a matter of time before Chris and Ben form a band. With easy-going Jase on drums and the ginger, bespectacled and bad-tempered Thomas on bass, Animal Magnets are only lacking a frontman. And although they hate to admit it, there is only one boy for the job.
Flying Saucer Rock & Roll follows the boys through their teenage years and out the other side into the disappointment of adult life. It is a beautifully observed novel about guitar riffs, friendship and faded dreams.

Praise for Flying Saucer Rock & Roll

‘A wry, sometimes painful, tale of adolescence… well evoked.’ Sunday Herald
‘Blandford captures the awkwardness of youth with a deft realism… a witty and sometimes poignant coming-of-age tale.’ The List

Sunday, 20 August 2017

London in the Company of Painters - Out Now

This sumptuous visual history explores London as depicted by artists over the last few hundred years. Although the first city of London was established in the Roman period, the story of London in art really begins in the 17th century, with the rise of the panoramic city view as a painting genre, and continues to this day. Organized around nine areas or districts, the chapters move roughly from west to east across London, as does the River Thames, which acts as the city's spine. Within each area, works of art are grouped around specific locations or monuments, providing a glimpse of the city's changing and unchanging topography through the ages. Despite London's tumultuous history – the rise and fall of Empire, attacks from above in two world wars, relentless expansion into the surrounding villages and suburbs – it nevertheless becomes clear that many of the city's landmarks remain surprisingly constant.


Monday, 22 May 2017

Hound Dog reissued as ebook by Abandoned Books

Richard Blandford's first novel, Hound Dog is available now as an ebook from Abandoned Books, at just £3.99.

Call him Elvis. The premier Elvis impersonator in the whole of the Cambridgeshire region. He’s overweight and bald and old. He is partial to cocaine, sells skunk to local teenagers and masturbates six or seven times a day.
And he hates Elvis Presley.
Things start to go wrong for Elvis when his backing singers, Gay Elvis and Fat Elvis, jump ship and have to replaced by Buddy Holly, a postman with bladder problems. Then Eddie, a dubious businessman, calls offering the biggest gig of Elvis’s career – performing at the birthday party of a vicious gangster who just happens to be married to Elvis’s third ex-wife.

Praise for Hound Dog

Phoenix Nights meets American Psycho. In Cambridge.’ Kevin Sampson
‘Hound Dog is distressingly, worryingly funny. With skill and sensitivity, Blandford keeps the reader laughing, even through the depravity; even through the despair; even, indeed, through the moments of startling ferocity.’ Niall Griffiths
‘Slick, efficient and faintly nasty.’ Observer