Sunday, 5 November 2017

Erotic Nightmares - new story collection available as ebook now

The short story collection the 21st century truly deserves

They say it’s impossible to feel two extreme emotions at the same time. In the world of Erotic Nightmares, however, anything is possible.
In ‘Pretty Boy Tigh’, a presenter on a pre-school kids’ TV channel finds himself an unlikely sex symbol, before a blackmail plot forces him into the role of detective. With only a depressed clown and an athletic co-star to help him, he must unmask his nemesis before his sex secrets are splattered across the internet.
Two English Literature students shackled together in a house-share of the damned each have a thorny problem to overcome in ‘Rake’.
It’s not easy being ‘Big Lug’, an imaginary friend who has grown up, long unseen by the girl who dreamt him up, but has fallen in love with her.  
Max infiltrates a ghost-hunting group in ‘Aggie and the Hatman’ and stumbles into a world of odd ideas, unusual kinks, and the Hatman, who is either a demon out to steal souls or a harmless shadow.  
These four stories, and three more, are Erotic Nightmares. Funny, dark, sexy and repulsive, often at the same time, these are truly the short stories the 21st century deserves.

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