The Shuffle

Inside the Shuffle the Devil lives in the roofs of terraced houses, the art world finds Picasso’s lost colouring book and a contagious virus causes everyone to talk with the voice of Tom Baker. Inside the Shuffle there’s a Facebook-style afterlife, the hardest jigsaw in the world and the disappointing return of Christ. Inside the Shuffle sex and death, food and love, art and life are jumbled and reimagined. There is no way out of the Shuffle.

The Shuffle is a short-story collection that gives a different experience to every reader. It’s an ebook with a ‘shuffle’ feature, meaning that the stories it contains can be served to you in a seemingly random order. It also includes three hidden stories which the reader is highly unlikely to find. It’s a unique presentation of a unique story collection which takes the reader deep into the heart of the Shuffle – and traps them there.

Contains the acclaimed 'The Man Who Drew the Brook', originally featured in the journal Short Fiction 6.

'One of those wonderfully complete stories that seems to cram a whole novel into a short space. *****' Scott Pack

'Terrific... a timeless quality.'  John Self

'Beautifully done.' Charles Lambert

'Haunting stuff.'  Chris Wakling

Kindle ebook

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